Proposed fees cause conflict

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Raised fees: the price of progress Lenzi Suddeth | Guest Columnist I support President Scott’s proposal to raise student fees to bring in $24 million of the $46 million needed to renovate the campus. There are more undergraduates than ever at PSU, and I feel that the university will continue to grow. I strongly believe that our buildings should grow alongside the students occupying them. The money will be used to renovate the Overman Student Center and the Weede, and allow the new Fine and Performing Arts Center to be built from scratch. These are all needed improvements. The renovations to the Overman Student Center will offer more seating and dining options in the U-Club,…

Global terrorism: A local concern

Digamber Eslampure | Collegio Columnist mobile spy Today’s dynamic world is facing threats from various sources, and these threats can be natural or manmade. Global terrorism occupies the top position on the list of manmade threats. In fact, it has become the 21st century’s biggest challenge. The threat of global terrorism is beyond our imagination. It can be felt by those countries that have become the scapegoats of this terrorism. According to the global terrorism database, there have been 98,000 terrorist attacks recorded across the world. This statistic shows us the gravity of the situation. There is no need to point out any particular terrorist attack to show how terrorism has spread throughout the world….

Relying on aid

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Average cost of living at area universities: Students should spend at their own discretion If student loan money can only be spent on education costs, such as textbooks, housing and tuition, then the government would save hundreds of millions of dollars every year. This is not a good thing. Yes, it appears to be very good and could help lower the national deficit, but that would result in many people who could no longer afford to attend college. Limiting the use of financial aid would eliminate the money students need for living costs, and students who are unable to find work during their college years would be the hardest hit. The main reason loan money,…