‘Soul food’ theme brought to table for PSU students

Zach Wagner | Collegio Reporter

Hundreds of PSU students flooded Gibson Dining Hall Tuesday evening and they were treated to hearty helpings of “soul” food as a commemoration of Black History Month.
The meal consisted of a grilled reuben sandwich, red bliss potatoes, savory baked chicken, Oregon blend vegetables and cheesecake dessert.
 “We try to bring a different theme to the table whenever we can,” said Berna Bolte, Gibson Dining Hall supervisor. “For example, we had a Nigerian food theme last week. It’s all about switching up our menu in an interesting and tasteful way.”
Thomas Durham says it was nice to see a big campus business contribute to Black History Month.
 “Through having different themes like these, more students can maybe think about how significant Black History Month is to them,” said Durham, freshman in biology. “It definitely beats having the usual pizza or hamburger. It was cool how they mixed up the menu.”
Scrutin Reddy, employee at Gibson Dining Hall, says that switching up the menu is an important way to keep students coming back.
 “We want more and more people around campus to know that we’re not just serving the same thing every evening,” Reddy said. “We’ve been seeing a pretty big turnout for tonight’s meal. I’m looking forward to seeing more students come during theme nights such as these.”
 Elizabeth Straley says she thinks the night commemorates not only Black History Month, but it also allows students to experience other cultures.
“The reuben was awesome without a doubt,” said Straley, freshman in nursing. “There’s a different culture that’s exposed when they have dinners like these, and I think students can benefit from that.”
 Kelly Bolin says she enjoyed the meal simply because it was something different.
 “I thought the cheesecake was the best part,” said Bolin, freshman in nursing. “They broke apart from the usual ice cream and cookies, and offered something much more awesome.”
 Bolte says that the dining hall is always looking for different themes to reflect what is going on in the world, and she is always willing to receive input from different students.
 “If students ever have recipes of their own, then we will gladly take them,” Bolte said. “Getting more students into the dining hall is really what it’s all about, and we were able to do that tonight by promoting Black History Month.”

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