Not-so-bored games

Ali Clark | Collegio Reporter

Shouting, laughter, and intense debates and discussions can be heard in the residence halls at PSU, especially when the door is left wide open for curious passersby. The sounds come from an unlikely source: board games.

Shannon Jesberg says she received a care package from her mother earlier this semester. Inside was a board game.

A group of students plays a board game in Dellinger Hall on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

A group of students plays a board game in Dellinger Hall on Tuesday, Nov. 15. Photo by Collegio/Yuyang Xiao

“We get bored easily and we can’t do the same thing all the time,” said Jesberg, freshman in international business. “Board games come in a wide enough variety that almost anyone can find one that they like.”

Jesberg says she and her friends have game nights at least once or twice a week in each other’s rooms or the residence hall lobby. She says it usually starts with a few people and then random people who are walking by stop and join.

“It’s a good way to meet friends,” said Connor Sublett, freshman in international business.

Ellen Wieberg says she and Jesberg grew up in the same town and often played games with their families.

“We come from a small town so we need this adventure in our lives,” said Wieberg, freshman in communication.
Wieberg says one of the games they like to play is Name 5. Players are on teams and draw cards that have categories of things. The team then has to name five of that thing. Some of the categories include five things that make a person sneeze, five TV dads and five vegetables that begin with the letter ‘a’. Wieberg says things are shouted quickly before the timer runs out and both teams debate whether an item counts for that category.

Lenzi Sudduth is one of the students who joins in on the fun.

“We’re competitive and we like to play,” said Sudduth, freshman in nursing.

Jesberg agrees and says she likes fast-paced games like Taboo and Catchphrase.
The group of students has a stack of board games belonging to several people in the group and other students on their floor. They also check out board games at the desk in the lobby. Jesberg says they checked out Taboo and Balderdash at their last game night, along with some others.

“I played Life this past weekend,” Sudduth said. “I got a bad salary. It was a sore subject.”
With so many board games to choose from, everyone has their favorite and everyone has at least one game that they consider themselves to be really good at. Wieberg says one of the games Jesberg is good at is Scrabble.

“I am playing words with friends on my phone right now,” Jesberg said. “Anything with spelling I am pretty good at.”
Sublett says he has several games that he likes but he’s not sure what he is good at.

“When I used to play board games my parents used to always let me win,” Sublett said. “So I don’t know if I’m pro at anything.”
Although many of the games that are played are modern, the group also likes to plays cribbage.

“It’s a grandma game but it’s OK,” Jesberg said.
Jesberg says they play a variety of card games like Uno and Skip-Bo in addition to the board games.

“We played cards the other day with probably 15 people in the lobby,” Jesberg said.
Wieberg says they plan to expand their collection in the future, but the group hasn’t become bored with the games yet. She says it is a great way to spend time with friends, meet new ones and have fun.

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“It’s something we can do in the dorms and we don’t have to pay for it,” Wieberg said.


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