Gingerbread Bash

Zach Wagner | Collegio Reporter

Students from the recreation program design and leadership class put on the Gingerbread Bash last Tuesday to give residents of Via Christi Village a meaningful holiday experience.
“Today went absolutely great,” said Madison Ford, senior in psychology. “Everyone did their part and put a great amount of effort into the event today and beforehand. I loved interacting with the residents here; they seemed to enjoy the activities we had.”
Students engaged about 10 residents in a variety of activities like making gingerbread houses, creating gingerbread men, taking pictures, and they had a prize giveaway at the end.
“I enjoyed making my ginger man,” said Rachel Witt, a resident at Via Christi. “All this is a big part of why I love Christmas. Today was a lot of fun.”
The students were eager coming into the event and nearly 20 students participated.

gingerbread bash

Via Christi Village assisted-living resident Margaret Buerge makes a gingerbread house with PSU students Stephanie Camp, junior in psychology, and Yvonne Gonzales, senior in theraputic recreation, Tuesday, Dec. 6. Photo by:Collegio/ William Ravenstein

“Like every other event we’ve put together this year, there was a great amount of thinking and organizing behind the way we wanted the day to play out,” said Elyssa Fox, junior in recreation and therapeutics. “Through it all, I’d have to say sitting there and talking with residents about anything and everything was the best part.”
After the activities, a raffle was held so that each resident received a gift card, boutique product, clothing, or a cash prize that was donated by members of the class.
“Everyone did an awesome job making sure they donated their prize in time for the event,” said Shela Webb, junior in recreation and therapeutics. “That was my favorite part of the entire day. After making different gingerbread crafts, the residents were rewarded with these awesome gifts.”
Jason Huffman says that the students had been working on the event for a long time and were glad to see it come to fruition.
“Seeing mutual smiles from the students and residents really showed that we did our job,” said Huffman, graduate student in sports leisure management.
Janice Jewett, professor in the recreation program design and leadership class, says the Gingerbread Bash was one of the class’s most successful events this semester.
“Team effort is what made this day possible,” Jewett said. “It’s the biggest strength we’ve had with putting together all our events this semester.”

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