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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is dry, ordinary

Hunter Peterson | Photo Editor

Sometime you have something that you love, and as much as you love it, you might have to let it go. As far as I am concerned, the Modern Warfare saga probably should have been set free before round three happened.
The game opens up to the exact same screen as Modern Warfare 2. In fact, all the menus look exactly the same. OK, the colors are different. Thanks for keeping it uninteresting, Infinity Ward. Call of Duty campaigns have always been great, and this one picks up where MW2 left off, but it quickly became stale and repetitive. The levels are either too plain, just killing loads of Russians in various locations, or they are over dramatized. Some levels you go into the fuzzy vision, almost dying scenes multiple times, and it is used in too many levels as well. The storyline is very predictable, and adds very little element of suspense or drama. Honestly it probably would probably fare better if the Black Ops campaign was not so great. This might be as good as MW2, but it’s a huge

Photo Illustration: Hunter Peterson

Photo Illustration: Hunter Peterson

step behind Black Ops.
Of course, most people will run through the campaign quickly, or not even play it at all. The Call of Duty franchise sells so well because of its online multiplayer.
You will either love or hate the multiplayer. It is obviously a direct descendant of MW2. The guns all seem overpowered. If you are getting shot at, you rarely get the chance to hide or turn around and return fire. It makes camping too effective. I will say they made some nice changes.

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One of the big changes was that they made kill streaks a part of the custom classes. So you can have kill streaks that fit with your sniping, then switch to an assault package and get a different kill streak set-up. Speaking of kill streaks, they finally allowed you to switch between multiple kill streaks. So you can use a UAV to see where to set up your strafing run, finally.
The multiplayer maps are nothing spectacular. With Black Ops, you could tell they put effort and thought into where everything was, and it cut down on people camping. MW3 maps feel thrown together. Most of the maps don’t seem to have a logical flow, like the real life settings would. The designers also went overboard with the war rubble. On some levels the streets are covered with debris, but most of the buildings are intact. The maps also are not as interactive as most current games. It seems like there are a lot of places you should be able to get it, but can’t.
The best part of this game is the special operations. They ripped off Halo’s wave mode, but made it work well. You start off with nothing but a pistol and some armor, and have to fight off waves of enemies. They start off with easy to kill guys with shotguns, but as the levels increase the enemies quickly get much harder. They also throw in attack dogs, helicopters, and even juggernauts in later levels. I honestly think it is better than Black Ops’ zombie mode, for the simple fact that you get money and can upgrade weapons, as well buy armor and air strikes.
The second mode to spec ops are missions. Some are based off levels in the game, some designed just for spec ops. All of them that I have played are frustratingly good.
My final breakdown? Campaign is a good end to the Modern Warfare saga, but feels dry and ordinary. Multiplayer has some good new features, but still caters to camping and noob-tubing too much. Special Operations mode really shines, and might just make the game worth owning.


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