Campus gets hairy with the arrival of Novembeard

Jen Rainey | Collegio Writer

Novembeard (also known as No Shave November) is a trend that has swept across the country. For students like Ian Perron, junior in biology, it’s an excuse to not shave for an entire month.
“I’ve done this the past two years,” Perron said. “It’s something fun to do and gets me involved in a somewhat obscure activity.”
Novembeard takes place all across the country and is not only an excuse for men to grow facial hair. It has also been used as a way to raise money for charities. The Public Relations and Advertising (PRAD) club at Pittsburg State is hosting a Novembeard celebration at Fat Daddy’s Friday, Nov. 18, at 7 p.m. The event will feature musical entertainment, prizes and drawings. Tickets for the event are $3 and all proceeds are being raised to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Crawford County.
“The Novembeard ordeal has become really popular,” said Ashley Jarvis, senior in communication, marketing and management. “This event is a great way to take advantage of that and help the community.”
Jarvis is the chairperson for the event. She says although this is the second annual Novembeard event sponsored by the PRAD club, this is the first year she’s been involved. The event will also feature a moustache contest. Females can also get involved, as there will be fake moustaches available. Jonna Fearmonti, senior in communication is assisting with the event by contacting students and residents, as well as aiding anywhere else needed.
“I got involved, because I’m in PRAD and it’s
a real fun event with proceeds going toward a good cause,” Fearmonti said.
“The student body and other groups really get involved and love this one, because it’s silly and fun. That’s the one thing we need is more student involvement on campus.”
Andrew Orpin, senior in communication, says he’s never participated in Novembeard as a fundraiser. However, he believes it’s a good idea and does partake in not shaving during the month.
“I think it’s kind of like other events on campus,” Orpin said. “Any time groups can raise awareness to help others and have an excuse not to shave it’s a good deal.”
Orpin says he has participated in the past, but tends to grow more facial hair if other people he knows take part.

“If I don’t know anyone else participating I’ll at least shave my neck, but if I know others doing it then I’m more prone to letting my facial hair grow more,” Orpin said.


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