Halloween Hot or Not

When it comes to costumes, how far is too far?

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Caitlin Taylor | Collegio reporter

Halloween is creeping closer and students are starting to decide whether to go with a PG or R rated costume.
Michelle Embrey has conflicting feelings on girls wearing revealing costumes.
“I think, on Halloween, it’s kind of alright to be slutty even though I couldn’t personally dress like some other girls do,” said Embrey, sophomore in nursing. “But one time out of the year is probably OK.”
Embrey says she is not quite sure what to be this year but has her mind on being a belly dancer, but doesn’t plan on being too revealing.
“I think girls who wear little to no clothing don’t have any self-respect,” Embrey said. “Some girls also just want attention and try to throw themselves out there.”

Halloween hot or not

Halloween hot or not

Embrey says she thinks that guys’ costumes can go too far as well.
“I haven’t seen many guys that showed too much skin, but sometimes there are a lot of inappropriate costumes, like boxer shorts with a blow-up penis, that I don’t want to see,” Embrey said.
Keely Boston relates to Embrey’s view of guy costumes, except that sometimes there isn’t enough costume.
“Guys usually use any excuse to not wear a shirt,” said Boston, senior in English. “Or sometimes guys dress up like Tarzan and wear nothing but a very little loincloth.”
Boston says she also has a problem with some girls wearing very little clothing, wondering how they can stand the cold weather.
“I don’t want to see private parts,” Boston said. “If it’s like a bra and underwear kind of costume, it’s not too bad because it’s like a swimsuit. But you also then leave nothing to the imagination.”
Boston says she saw a girl dress up as a referee of some kind last year but the costume was basically nothing but cleavage and a short skirt.
“I sometimes think it’s an attention thing, but Halloween is the only time girls can get away with it,” Boston said. “Sometimes I want to be a little slutty because it would be the only time I could do it and not feel weird about it.”
Elysia Kim has a slightly different take on some girls’ costumes and her own.
“I want to dress up like a red dinosaur by wearing a red gown and a red hoodie with spikes on it,” said Kim, junior in

commercial graphics and mechanical engineering. “But I would rather be warm on Halloween than be slutty.”
Kim says the sluttiness of a costume depends on the time of day and where the person is.
“It’s appropriate for the college scene as long as it’s away from children or at some parties,” Kim said. “But if I can see your nipples are cold, then it’s a little too slutty in general.”
Michael Buddenhagen also thinks some costumes can go too far.
“As a single guy, I want a girl to be creative with her costume,” said Buddenhagen, freshman in automotive technology. “A hot nurse is cool sometimes, but it’s not very exciting when you see 20 of them.”
Buddenhagen says that he considers a girl’s costume skanky when it looks like her clothes are about to fall off.
“Obviously a girl without clothes can be hotter than a girl with clothes sometimes, but creative is way better than less clothing,” Buddenhagen said. “And when your costume is shorter than prostitute’s clothes then it’s a little too skanky.”
Samantha Mahon has a very different view on costumes, believing that every girl should have at least one skanky year.
“My skanky option for this year is to dress up like Jessica Rabbit from the show Roger Rabbit,” said Mahon, senior in arts and music. “Or my other choice would be to wear a T-shirt around that said ‘ceiling’and walk

around yelling ‘ceiling’. People would look at me crazy until my friend tells them that I’m a ceiling fan.”
Mahon says there is a difference between a sexy costume and a trashy one.
“Trashy is when you don’t dress for your body and leave everything hanging out with too much skin,” Mahon said. “And sexy is cool when people put thought into their costumes and leave a bit to the imagination. Plus there is nothing wrong with showing some legs or cleavage. People shouldn’t get so worked up about it.”
Mahon says she had never seen any guy have too skanky of a costume until last year when a guy dressed up in the ‘Borat’ swimsuit.
“I didn’t mind it as long as I didn’t have to see it,” Mahon said. “But sometimes there is a double standard when guys can wear little to nothing and just be funny, and girls become slutty.”
Mengjie Qiu says she had never heard of Halloween before she came to the United States about two months ago.
“In China, there are no holidays like Halloween where you can dress up in costumes,” said Qiu, junior in business management. “My roommate has already told me to prepare myself for Halloween, and what road I want to follow down with my costume.”


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