Halloween Hot or Not

Halloween hot or not

When it comes to costumes, how far is too far? How To Control Your Dreams Caitlin Taylor | Collegio reporter Halloween is creeping closer and students are starting to decide whether to go with a PG or R rated costume. Michelle Embrey has conflicting feelings on girls wearing revealing costumes. “I think, on Halloween, it’s kind of alright to be slutty even though I couldn’t personally dress like some other girls do,” said Embrey, sophomore in nursing. “But one time out of the year is probably OK.” Embrey says she is not quite sure what to be this year but has her mind on being a belly dancer, but doesn’t plan on being too revealing….

Stealing the show with a ‘SCRE4M’

Carl Bachus | Collegio Reporter It all started with a scream over a 911 phone call 15 years ago; the rest is history. Eleven years after the events of “Scream 3,” celebrity victim Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) has written a self-help book, faced the demons of her past, and returned to her not-so-quiet little hometown of Woodsboro (the original film’s setting). In coming home, she reunites with her surrogate big brother Sherriff Dewey Riley (David Arquette) and his wife, the hotshot reporter turn horror scribe Gale Riley – née Weathers – (Courtney Cox-Arquette). The blood hits the fan when two girls are butchered on the anniversary of the flagship Woodsboro massacre – the day Sidney returns…

‘Real Steel’ really mediocre

Todd Miller | Collegio writer I didn’t have high hopes for “Real Steel,” and it certainly delivered. The movie is set in the not-too-distant future (next Sunday A.D.) where the only real difference between now and then are, some electronics (mostly phones and radios) appear to be made of glass or Plexiglas and regular boxing has been replaced with robot boxing. Other than that, it doesn’t appear very “futuristic” at all. Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) is a has-been boxer who now participates in robot boxing fights. However he seems to build up more debt than winning fights. When an old girlfriend of his dies, he agrees to look after the son he didn’t know he…

The reality of fantasy football

Lauren Chesner(left), junior in prepharmacy and Lyndsey Vanatta, junior in nursing, play Fantasy Football online in the Overman Student Center on Monday, Oct. 3.

Jay Benedict | Collegio Writer writing argumentative essay Every year when the National Football League kicks off, it signals the start of a different football season. The competition is just as fierce, involves large amounts of money, and has many more players. It is— fantasy football. Fantasy football involves the formation of a league with friends, family, co-workers or random strangers. A draft takes place once the leagues are set. Each team manager selects individual skill players from different teams in the NFL, usually consisting of a quarterback, a few running backs and receivers, a tight end, kicker, and entire defensive side. Matthew Crain is one student who takes part in a fantasy football league….

Dishing up a whodunnit for dinner

Murder mystery dinner theater comes to Pitt State Jen Rainey | Collegio Reporter A murder will take place at Pittsburg State University on Friday. A murder mystery dinner theater, that is. Sodexo will be catering food for the event for students, staff and faculty and residents while they witness a performance by the Comedy Killers from Dallas, Texas. “The audience will be served a meal, during which time a team of actors will be putting on a ‘who did it’ type of play, where the actors act out a performance revolving around a murder without letting the audience know who commits the murder,” said Eva Sager, program coordinator for campus activities. “At the end guests…

50/50 performs at 100 percent

Todd Miller | Collegio Writer free online dating websites I honestly didn’t expect this movie to be as good as it was. I figured it’d be worth a few laughs and may turn out to be a romantic comedy. Fortunately, it turns out I was wrong. It does get jokes in where appropriate, but it takes itself seriously and the balance of comedy and drama was done expertly. It is, in fact, not a romantic comedy, though there are elements of that in it. The movie is about Adam Lerner (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who is a pretty average person in a relationship with Rachael (Bryce Dallas Howard). His best friend Kyle (Seth Rogen) disapproves of her…