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Bigger, but fewer, names is SAC’s goal this year

Caitlin Taylor | Collegio Reporter

The Student Activities Council plans to make changes to the campus entertainment lineup this year, with the goal to both save money and involve more students.
Makyla Henderson, president of SAC and a junior in biology, says that most of the executives from last year were new and formulated what they all wanted to do to move the organization forward.
“Last year we did a million events and they were all lower-budget to fit them all in,” Henderson said. “This year we are going to do bigger events, but not as many. That way, people are more apt to come instead of a bunch of smaller events.”
Last year SAC was doing five to eight events a semester; this year it is offering about four a semester
“We are trying to also get bigger names that people will actually recognize,” Henderson said.
Jessica Smith, senior in international business and SAC executive, says that the group is also trying new strategies, like moving events back later in the night. This would offer students alternatives to parties and might be more appealing, Smith said.
The changes came as a result of a cost-benefit analysis the group undertook.
“How we broke it down is that we have this many people attending this event, which we spend x amount of do

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llars on,” Henderson said. “Then we break it down to see how much we’re spending per student who actually comes, then we nix the event.”
On Monday, Aug. 29, the executives held their first meeting to discuss next semester’s programming and to review what is already set in place for the fall.
Another two big goals for this year, Henderson says, are membership and communication. SAC is able to recruit many students at the beginning, but this year retention is the focus.
Jordan Simoncic, junior in business management and SAC executive, says that there are five returning executives, but having new members to receive input from will help SAC operate
“Last year at our first meeting, we had 50 to 55 people show up,” Henderson said. “By December, we were down to about 30 active members.”
James Smith, senior in commercial graphics and SAC executive, says that his major never had anything to do with him being part of SAC. Smith felt that he just wanted to try it out, see how things went and he liked it.
“Last year we couldn’t control the programming for this semester,” Smith said. “Goals we are trying for this year are things we wanted to do last year but didn’t have the time or money to implement.”
Henderson says that this month they will be scheduling a hypnotist, the Gorilla Stampede, and Evolution of Dance.


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