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Student Health Center changes walk-in policy

Madison DennisCollegio Editor

At the end of last semester, most of the patients seen at the Bryant Student Health Center were walk-ins, meaning they were seen without a scheduled appointment – usually in a timely manner. Now, due to a change in scheduling policy, the wait might be longer.
However, Brenda Robinson, medical director of Student Health Services, says the change in policy will reduce all patients’ wait times overall.
“It makes it a better environment for the students,” Robinson said.
Before and after
Before, walk-in patients were seen as soon as possible, along with patients who had scheduled appointments. Now, walk-in patients will be seen whenever extra time and staff are available.
“It’s not that we won’t see walk-ins,” Robinson said. “We would like most of our appointments to be scheduled, but we realize that’s not always possible for our patients so they’ll be worked in around the scheduled appointments.”
Katelyn Christian, junior in biology, says she has both scheduled appointments and walked in at the student health center.
“I was always kind of surprised at the wait time for scheduled appointments,” said Christian. “The wait for walking in was longer, but it seemed like there should have been less of a wait for people who had scheduled before just coming in.”
However, Christian says it varied from visit to visit.
“I’ve been there in th

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e spring and it’s totally empty and been seen almost right away, and then when I was there during flu season it’s the total opposite. It changes like any other place.”
According to Robinson, the new system greatly increases the appointment times available to students.
“Before, if you were to make an appointment with your provider, there wouldn’t have been a lot of appointment times because they were left blocked off for walk-ins,” Robinson said. “Now, we’ve opened up all these choices for that patient who makes an appointment.”
How to schedule
Appointments can be made online, by phone, or in person at the health center and the process takes several minutes, depending on the type of appointment and how it is scheduled.
“I’ve always scheduled mine online because it’s so quick,” said Jessica McCoy, sophomore in English. “I honestly don’t see why people haven’t been doing it before.”
Robinson says that in addition to patients getting better service, the student health services staff will benefit by having a more structured day.
“It’s a better work environment,” Robinson said. “Our focus will always be on the students.”
Although the policy has been in effect since school started, Robinson says there has been a lack of awareness of the changes, but the number of walk-ins has gone down.
“I think there’s always going to be obstacles and bumps in the road when you implement changes,” Robinson said. “Even if it’s for the better.”


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