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New senators join SGA

Sarah Poland | Collegio Reporter

New senators were accepted into the Student Government Association during the organization’s meeting on Wednesday night, Aug. 31.
The senators, who applied to and were interviewed for 11 open positions in the organization, were installed into SGA through a resolution. Vice President Austin Osborn said 30 people were interviewed for the positions and the selection process for the positions was competitive.
“We feel like these people not only represent a pretty good group of people and a diverse group but we feel like they’ll do a good job and they’ll bring a lot of good leadership experience to the table,” Osborn said.

Procrastination Cure Membership Club

also adopted a resolution to transfer funds for the public relations committee. Treasurer Peter Kipp said the $300 transfer was needed because handouts that were bought in bulk for the Pitt CARES sessions during the summer cost the committee more than was expected. Kipp said the committee needs the money to promote the remainder of the events this year.
“We stocked the (Pitt CARES) booth with bracelets and laniards for the incoming freshmen to grab and get the word out about Student Government Association,” Kipp said. “We had to buy in bulk, so the good news is that we won’t have to make this purchase for several years.”
The resolution provided that the money be transferred from last year’s carryover.

Procrastination Cure Membership Club

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