SGA approves funding for student groups

Whitney Saporito Managing Editor

Members approved allocations for student groups and voted on a conceal and carry resolution at the Student Government Association meeting Wednesday night.

A total of $32,456.36 was allocated to student groups, with sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha coming in first with $690.97. Coming in close behind ASA is the Honors College, which received $679.10 in funding.

The organizations that received the smallest amounts were the Out of State Students Group who received $62.79 and the International Business Student Association with $109.07.

The total amount requested by student groups was $54,317.75.

In addition to passing allocations, members also voted to pass a resolution consistent with Faculty Senate opposing the potential Personal and Family Protection Act.

Brandon Mills, SGA president, says the bill is in committee in the state Legislature. Though the legislation has not made it to the House floor yet, Mills says there is concern that the act will be attached onto another bill as a means to get it passed.

The act would overturn the current weapons ban on PSU’s campus. State law currently prohibits carrying a weapon into state institutions.

However, the proposed act, while still enforcing a ban at state institutions such as elementary and secondary schools, along with the state Capitol, would no longer apply to community colleges or four year universities.

Members voted to join with Faculty Senate in opposing the act, though the passage of that resolution did not come without opposition.

Jacob Dvorak, SGA senator, argued in favor of allowing conceal and carry on campus.

He argued that students who have taken the required training for conceal and carry license are trained in how to handle themselves with a gun.

Other senators, including senators Lara Ismert and Christian Cruz, said the idea of students carrying guns on campus made them uncomfortable.

The end vote was 17 to 4 with two senators, Jared Wetzel and Brenden Cassity abstaining.

Members also voted to approve the use of campus capital improvement funds to fix the senior plaques in front of Russ Hall.

This was the last meeting with Mills serving as president, as SGA elections started Monday, April 11, and will continue through Friday, April 15. Students can vote online through the GUS system.


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