Moving Day

Caitlin Taylor Collegio Reporter

Classes in Hughes Hall are scheduled to be moved across campus from April 29 to May 13 to allow for renovations during the summer.
The renovation of Hughes is a series of projects in the Master Plan that are starting to be put to action.
Howard Smith, dean of the College of Education, says that he thinks this will benefit Hughes and the College of Education because the renovations will create a better environment.
“It’s less intrusive in the summer than it would normally be in the spring and fall for them to do renovations,” Smith said. “The outcome will be a greater benefit than the slight inconvenience.”
Smith says the renovations of Hughes will consist of working on heating and air conditioning units, the exterior where thaey will clean up the limestone, and putting in new energy-efficient windows.
“The target date for completion is August 15. Then we can get back to Hughes,” Smith said. “If it is not done by August 15, we will have a problem. That would create some rescheduling, and additional communication if that happens will be an issue.”
As dean of education, Smith has the role of coordinating the move for the College of Education. He has to talk with the department chairs, facilitate the scheduling, and make sure that they have coordinated the systems for the move so they have phones and copiers available for assistance.
Smith says that classes will still go on, but will be offered in other facilities throughout campus.
“Hughes is closed, and we moved not only our offices but our classes,” Smith said. “We have sent out notices to students that the offices are moving and where they will be relocated. When students enrolled there were locations already set in advance for the move.”
Chris Christman, chair of special services and leadership studies, says he is very excited about the renovations and that it’s a good time to do them because the summer gives them the opportunity to complete it without interference.
“I think it will make the building more efficient with the window replacement, and the heating and ventilation systems are in much need of attention,” Christman said.
Christman says that Hughes will be completely vacated by May 13, the last day of classes, so to try to not cause a major disruption.
The move, Smith says, will also coincide with the reorganization and combining of the special services and leadership studies department and the curriculum and instruction department for next year.
“I am stepping down as chair to go faculty full time,” Christman said. “This timing is perfect for the reorganization of the two departments.”
Smith says that as faculty members clean their offices out, they are going to have a “Free Materials Day,” April 18 through April 20, where they will give away materials they no longer want to students. This will happen outside in front of Hughes Hall.
“We are going to have tables with books and materials that are no longer needed that have some value that students might want, available for all students to come and get,” Smith said.

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