Jones, Osborn to lead SGA

Whitney Saporito Managing Editor Collegio Reporter

Students selected Eric Jones and Austin Osborn to lead the Student Government Association as president and vice president in the 2011-2012 school year. The results were announced by President Steve Scott on Monday, April 18, at noon on the marble staircase in Russ Hall. The two were sworn in at the SGA meeting on Wednesday night. “I’m relieved,” Jones said of his victory. “I’m really happy I’m going to be able to serve the campus. I think quite a few people knew me and knew my message.”
Both Jones and Osborn have experience in SGA, with Jones serving as treasurer for the last two years and Osborn as a senator for two years. The duo ran on the Gorilla Advancement Party ticket and listed increased student participation as their primary goal. Osborn, who led his first meeting as vice president on Wednesday night, says he has a lot of ideas for PSU’s campus.“I’m excited to be in the position to implement those things,” Osborn said. His ideas include not only working on student involvement but also some work within SGA, such as adding more structure to the directors’ roles. Jones says he also intends to make changes within SGA, such as reworking the position of public relations director to make it a more serious, governmental role. He also wants to tweak the position of community affairs director to help SGA become more involved in Pittsburg. Jones says he also hopes to continue work on a proposed campus-wide smoking ban.

In addition to the top two positions, students also voted to fill all of the Senate positions with returning members. Among those returning members are previous president Brandon Mills and vice president Thomas Gregory. The new senators were also sworn in at Wednesday’s meeting.
Members of SGA voted to approve senators for director positions at the meeting. The position of public relations director is the only spot still vacant. SGA is currently accepting applications for that position.
The director roles were also filled with returning members. However, only one is returning to the same director position. Emily Smith was selected to serve another year as Big Event director.
Jones says Smith’s success with Big Event this semester made her the perfect choice for the role.
Candidates for all of the director positions except legislative affairs, were interviewed and selected before the meeting.

Members nominated returning senator Daniel Rundquist and previous senator Jordan Simoncic for the role of Legislative Affairs Director. Simoncic won in a close 10-9 vote. Steve Erwin, associate vice president of campus life and auxiliary services and SGA adviser, said the incoming Senate has a lot of big issues to work on next year. Those include the proposed smoking ban, a co-curricular transcript, and implementation of the new master plan. Both Jones and Osborn have a positive outlook for SGA in the coming year.“I hope to do a really good job and get the students’ opinions this year,” Osborn said.

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