Greeks celebrate unity

Stephanie Rogers Collegio Reporter

Greeks in blue, green, yellow, and pink pastel T-shirts stood together, holding their wooden Greek letters and spilling out onto the lawn around the Oval on Wednesday, taking their annual Greek photo and anticipating the Greek Games.

Greek Week, when PSU Greeks show pride for their organizations and participate in festivities, opened with Big Event on Saturday, when Greek organizations do volunteer work for Pittsburg residents.

In charge of this year’s event planning and theme is Danielle Long and Steve Chastain.

Long says that, so far, Greek Week has been going smoothly.

“This year we’re not doing points for Greek games,” Long said. “We want to get away from the norm and instead of having the Greeks compete against each other, we want to unite them.”

Each organization will try to incorporate their theme of popular videos posted on YouTube into their activities and whoever receives the most overall points will be this year’s Greek Week winners.

Nick Doffing, senior in commercial graphics and member of Lambda Chi Alpha, says he likes the new and creative theme this year because it allows organizations to go in any direction they want.

Monday through Friday, organizations will be judged on activities such as canned yard art and banner, which can be seen around the Oval and Greek games, held at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, also in the Oval.

Lauren Zerr, a senior Alpha Sigma Alpha member participating in capture the flag, the final Greek game of the day, says she has bittersweet feelings about her last chance to participate in Greek Week.

“I’m ready to start my life and a real job, and although Greek Week has been a lot of work in the past, it has always been pretty fun,” Zerr said, “I’ll miss this place a lot.”

Also, as a part of Greek awards, PSU announced its fraternity and sorority of the year:  Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and Alpha Gamma Delta sorority.

Molly Miller, member of Alpha Gamma Delta and physical education student, says Greek Week has been amazing so far, and that she is lucky to be a part of such an awesome organization and can’t wait until Friday’s event, Airband.

“I love seeing what all the sororities and fraternities put together,” Miller said.

That final event, when Greeks lip-sync their way through performances for Airband, will be at 6 p.m. Friday in the Weede.

“There is great competition, but we all come together as Greeks and the community gets to witness that,” Doffing said.


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