Information overload

Stephanie Rogers Collegio Reporter

Since the removal of PSU’s computer science degree, students working for Gorilla Geeks, a campus service technology support group, have started an organization for students who want to increase their understanding of technology, and to be exposed to the newest innovations and trends.

Nolan O’Toole, vice president of the Information Technology Student Association (ITSA), says he’s enthusiastic about starting the organization and hopes to set trends on campus.

“Our goal is pretty simple,” O’Toole said. “Create a community for students interested in technology to interact and learn more. We can share ideas and learn from each other.”

Meetings have started, but have consisted of members and officers discussing membership ideas and ways to promote the organization.

The ITSA has been designing fliers, establishing its social network, and plans on cooperating with the accounting and computer information systems department to publicize its goals, which include participating in community service projects like the Big Event. The group has also discussed building a computer from donated parts in previous meetings.

The ITSA hopes to host on-campus events, such as bringing in guest speakers, roundtable meetings, tour off-campus technology centers, hold contests, and host Local Area Network (LAN) parties for gamers. The ITSA does not wants to appeal to a broad range of students, and to let them know that the organization is not only for IT majors and gamers.

“It’s an organization designed for those who are passionate about learning more in the technology world,” O’Toole said. “ITSA was just one good way to keep computer-savvy students together while maintaining their interests in new technology and be able to socialize with each other about it.”

The ITSA has seven members, and has established its own website at


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