Cross-dressing for a cause

Stephanie Rogers Collegio Reporter

Eleven men wearing tangled blond wigs, tight, colorful dresses and high heels that barely fit strutted their stuff Monday night.

Alpha Sigma Alpha held its annual Mr. Cinderfella competition at 7 p.m. Monday in the Crimson and Gold Ballroom, calling it “cross-dressing for a cause.”

Leah Jolosky, an ASA member who organized the event, says it took only about 40 minutes to prepare, and was overwhelmed by how much campus support the event received.

Chris Beasley, Tyler Edwardson, Brock Garrett, Tim Holdsclaw, Derrick Greenlee, Ben Schmidt, Scott Smiros, Jeffrey Tangney, Garrett Watson, Jake Bray and Eric Jones were this year’s 2011 Mr. Cinderfella candidates.

Each candidate was nominated by his club or organization.  This year’s participating organizations included Student Government Association, Dance Club, Residence Hall Assembly, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Gamma Delta, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Lambda Chi Alpha and Sigma Tau Gamma.

Brock Garrett, a junior nominated to represent Sigma Chi and using the stage name Fatanya, says he was excited to participate, although his fraternity brothers put him up to it.

“I have worn a dress before, but it was only a joke,” said Garrett, looking down at his emerald grown and laughing.

The annual event has been held for about nine years and is designed to be a fundraiser to support the ASA foundation. The funding goes toward ASA District Days and scholarships.  This year, ASA raised a total of $396.

Tim Spears, last year’s Mr. Cinderfella winner who went by his stage name Tomeka, hosted the event, proudly wearing his sash and crown, staying in character by entertaining the audience with his witty comments and confidence and reminding them why he won 2010’s Mr. Cinderfella.

“I came in, I saw, I conquered and I got a sash!” Spears said. “But I feel kind of melancholy to pass the crown. It’s like the end of an era for me.”

The contestants were judged for four events: introductions, fish bowl questions and answers, swimsuit, and talent.

At one point in the fish bowl portion, Spears asked Smiros, “If you could bring anything with you to a deserted island, what would you bring and why?”

“World peace,” Smiros said, holding up a peace sign and playing up his Lady Gaga look-alike persona.

The swimsuits worn were mostly brightly colored bikinis. The talents included dancing, telling jokes, playing the keyboard while singing a version of “Lean on Me wish,” and lip-syncing Ke$ha and Lady Gaga songs.

Three PSU faculty members, Jim McBain from the department of social sciences, Mary K. Wachter from marketing and Diana Polston from the recreational center, judged the candidates.

Spears asked the judges what the men were lacking in and what they should have done to better prepare themselves for the competition.

“There was a lack of waxing,” McBain said.

In the end, Smiros, representing the Dance Club, won this year’s Mr. Cinderfella, claiming his 2011 Mr. Cinderfella pink sash and crown.

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