There’s an app for that

Students share their favorite smart-phone applications

Madison Dennis Editor-in-Chief


Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the most downloaded apps of all time. It is a puzzle video game in which players slingshot birds at green pigs in an effort to recover stolen eggs. The levels get increasingly complex, with different types of birds and structures protecting the pigs from harm.

“I love Angry Birds,” said Stephanie Currie, sophomore in psychology. “I play it over and over.”

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Because the game features so many different levels, Currie says it is satisfying to play and a bargain for the price.

“I’m at the point now where I’m trying to get perfect scores on every level,” Currie said.

Cost – $.99

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is an adapted version of Scrabble, which gives users the option of playing more than one game at a time. Users can choose to generate a game with a random player, or type in a friend’s user name to begin a game. Users can also play against someone who doesn’t have the app by passing the phone back and forth. Words With Friends has an estimated 1.5 million daily users.

“I’m not good at word games and I avoid them like the Black Death, except for Words With Friends,” said Alesha Goodman, freshman in education. “I have about 18 games going at all times.”

Online cheats are common, said Goodman, so watch for weird vocabulary and near-impossible scores.

“Anyone can go online and type in their letters and come up with amazing words,” said Goodman. “That ruins the puzzle for me.”

Cost – $2.99


Lose It

Lose It! enables users to track their calorie intake and calories burned with an extensive food and exercise database. By personalizing their weight, height, BMI, and other information, Lose It! suggests workouts, tracks bad eating habits, and can be used via smart phone or web.

“I started using Lose It! just because I had a hard time coming up with concrete plans,” said Natalie Grane,  freshman in history.

Grane says that she has seen an improvement in weight loss since using Lose It!

“I downloaded it after I made a New Year’s resolution to be healthier, and it definitely won’t let you get away with anything,” said Grane. “There’s no hiding from the chocolate bar you ate…Lose It! doesn’t necessarily get me to do anything extra, but it keeps me honest.”

Cost – free

Wellness Tip of the Day

Wellness Tip of the Day is just that – once daily, the application updates with a new suggestion for users on how to improve their overall health.

“I am such a health buff, which is why I downloaded this app,”  sophomore in biology. “I like to be surprised with little things about how to keep myself healthier.”

Wellness Tip of the Day provides suggestions for diet, exercise, stress and spirituality.

Cost – free


My Lists

My Lists is an app designed for users who want to further organize their life. It allows users to quickly make multiple to-do lists, organized by date and urgency of the tasks. It can also automatically end tasks by a certain time, and offers a search option.

“I forget things really easily, so being able to write down everything I need to do in one place is nice,” said Nick Casey,  sophomore in automotive engineering. “I like how I can organize them by what part of my life they pertain to, like school and work and home.”

My Lists also allows users to share their lists, something that Casey finds useful.

“I want to share my lists with all of my professors, so they know not to give me too much homework,” said Casey.

Cost – $1.99

Money Smart

This app tracks expenses and incomes, and can interpret them to help users understand their finances. It links bills, checks and budgets to help manage users’ finances. It can also remind users to pay certain bills or alert them when they overdraft or get a deposit.

“I like this app because I have accounts at a couple different places,” said Stephanie Hill,  freshman in English. “It helps me stay on top of all my fees and bills, because they are due at several different times throughout the month.”

Hill also says that she likes being able to see where she spends the most money.

“In my case, it’s waste the most money,” said Hill. “It’s hard to cut back when you don’t even know you are spending too much in a certain area.

Cost – $.99



Shazam makes it convenient to find the name, artist, and album of whatever song is playing at the time. Shazam analyzes the audio, identifies the song, and offers a link to download it to users’ mobile device.

“I’ve definitely used Shazam, all the time,” said Alex Ross, a sophomore in commercial graphics. “I use it in the car when something comes on the radio I like, or sometimes in a restaurant.

However, Shazam only recognizes original tracks.

“It doesn’t find the song for me if I’m just singing it,” said Ross. “But I don’t know if anyone would recognize that.”

Cost – free



DoubleTwist syncs users’ media on their different devices without wires. Initially developed to assist PC users with their Apple software, doubleTwist has since evolved into one of the most popular media organizing apps.

“I like doubleTwist because I am such a Type A kind of person,” said Mary Bradley, senior in health and human performance.  “I can’t stand to have all my stuff everywhere, I need to have it organized.”

DoubleTwist is also available as software for computers.

Cost – $4.99

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