Gorilla Card:

Accepted everywhere (almost)

Caitlin Taylor

Collegio Reporter

The Gorilla Card has many functions and services that students can use across campus and across town.

Mark Seeley, assistant director of Overman Student Center, says that the Gorilla ID Card has been around since 1998. Commerce Bank connected to the Gorilla Card in April 2006 to make it a functioning debit card.

“It serves a lot of functions,” Seeley said. “The concept is to take one card and get it to do as many things possible on campus. It serves as a library card, tickets to sport games, access to the rec center, debit card, meal plan and Banana Bucks.”

Seeley says the card is designed for on-campus use, but it can also help get discounts at participating shops, and it can be used as a debit-based pin at any place with an interlink system, or a pin-based number system. It also functions as an ATM card.

“Restaurants should accept the Gorilla Card,” Seeley said. “Different places won’t, but all of your accounts have to have funds set up, but that’s a given.”

Students get the Gorilla Card when they enroll in PSU. They can also manage their accounts at Gorilla Card online. They can make deposits of Banana Bucks from any computer. It requires a PSU ID number as it’s printed exactly on the card and the GUS password.

“It has three different functions, the Board which allows you to manage your money for the dining hall at Gibson, Dining Dollars which allows you to use it at any food places on campus, and Banana Bucks,” Seeley said. “Once you put Banana Bucks into your account, you cannot take it out unless you are leaving the school or for severe circumstances.”

The Gorilla Card online also allows parents to deposit money into a student’s account. All parents need is a correct student ID, and they can transfer or deposit funds from any computer.

Seeley says that if someone loses his or her Gorilla Card, that person has two options: either go to the Ticket and Gorilla Card Office and pay a $10 replacement fee, which creates a new card number and makes the old card inactive within 10 to 15 minutes, or report it missing online, which will also make the card inactive within 10 to 15 minutes and allows students to report their cards missing over the weekend, when the office isn’t open. A card reported missing cannot be reactivated.

Seeley says it is a lot of work for Commerce Bank to help students distribute funds across campus and to replace missing cards, because they have to give out new card numbers and change data in their system.

“Professors get an ID card and are able to use the functions of the Gorilla Card on campus,” Seeley said. “But they don’t have their card tied to a Commerce Bank account. It just wasn’t in the plan when they created them.”

Seeley says it is beneficial for students to have a Gorilla Card because it makes it easier for students, especially using the Banana Bucks.

“We are a service, paid for through student fees,” Seeley said. “We are not revenue; we don’t make money off of it.”

Seeley says that before all the extra features were added to the Gorilla Card, it was primarily used for housing and laundry.

“We have had ID cards for a long time,” Seeley said. “It started in 1999, and in 1998 was when it really became the Gorilla Card.”



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